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Welcome to the Superior Pro Wrestling Training Center/HOUSE of PAIN (NWL SPWTC/HoP). The Neil Superior Pro Wrestling School was founded in 1991 by Neil Superior, who tragically passed away in 1996. In 1997, John Rambo (who was a very close personal friend of Neil's) took over operations of the school by request from NWL Owner/President Dick Caricofe. On April 1, 1997, the NWL SPWTC/HoP "advanced era" was started and instructor John Rambo began offering students the opportunity to put what they have learned to immediate use in the HoPWF (HOUSE of PAIN Wrestling Federation, a developmental training league for the NWL). Since that time, many schools have adopted the practices and training methods. There is no "learn how to wrestle, then go out and try it" here. You learn all the techniques and skills required to make it in the business, along with all the needed out of ring politics and respect. As soon as a student is ready, they're given the opportunity to take part in the weekly "Thursday Night Matches" practice sessions. These are training classses where students jump right into an actual wrestling match (before a crowd of their classmates and instructor John Rambo). This is the best way to learn how to "work" and become a true professional. Performing in front of your peers and teacher is much different than performing for wrestling fans. A student receives more accurate and helpful constructive criticism with this approach, making it much easier to go out and represent the NWL SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN in the best professional manner possible. Bottom line, we want every student to be the best they can be. The greater success a student achieves, the better our reputation becomes as a top notch training facility for future pro wrestling superstars.

HOUSE of PAIN Wrestling Federation
Superior ProWrestling Training Center
237 E. Franklin St.
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(240) 329-6001
President, LLC / Booker:
John Rambo

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